AshleyMadison is a very open and inclusive dating platform. It claims that there are thousands of sugar babies and sugar daddies joining every day. However, AshleyMedison is not a complete sugar dating site, it is famous for "extramarital affairs", it is a place that every man who wants to find an encounter wants to go. It is aimed at a wide audience such as monogamy, polygamy, and open relationships include sugar daddy dating. It caters to the needs of sugar daddies who like secret, unrestricted and undisclosed relationships. Sugar daddies have access to the best young and aspiring women looking for something more mature than what the boys your age can offer.Ashley Madison was founded in 2001 and its members include college students, housewives or husbands, office workers, businessmen, entrepreneurs, retirees, or anyone in between. Sexual orientation, current emotional relationships, age, wealth, or religion become unimportant here. So the chance of you finding a suitable match here is very high.

The website database was hacked in 2015, and personal information was made public. Nevertheless, Ashleymadison is still able to rebuild his new image. They have successfully solved these new security issues and improved existing protection measures. These include firewalls, encrypted transmission via SSL (Secure Socket Layer), and strong data encryption when storing sensitive personal and / or financial information to disk. Users do not need to provide a user name or address, nor do they keep a record of their identity on their servers.

How AshleyMadison work?

As it says Life is short. Have an affair. Joining asheley is very simple. First, you need to create a mailbox separately, and it does not need to be associated with any social network account. (If you need to make things more secret.) Registration is very easy, you don't need to write too much, you can do it in a minute. During the registration process, the system will ask you to specify some facts about yourself, including the current status of the lover, and some general information, such as height, ethnicity, restrictions, etc., after which you need to upload your avatar. But Ashleymedison improved the photo blur tool, or made the photos private. If you want to share a clear, unedited version of the image, you can grant them access by sending them a private key. (This is one of the ways that Ashley keeps people anonymous and safe)


After completing the registration, you can start a chat. Sugar Baby is completely free, but Sugar Daddy needs to use and pay points to use these features.
The advanced features of Ashley Madison are not based on monthly subscriptions, but based on the points you must purchase for each package. The site offers three different packages: elite = 1,000 credits, classic = 500 credits, and basic = 100 credits. Using the chat function will also cost you points: 30 minutes (30 minutes) and 60 minutes (60 minutes). If you want to send a gift to the game, the virtual gift can get 20, 30 and 50 points.

special function:

Create your favorite personal list for free, each member can add 100 personal profiles you like to the list.

Send virtual gifts. The site accepts gift cards as point payments, and you can use gift cards with a balance of $ 49.00 to trade at Best Buy, Walmart, Starbucks, and other stores.

Travel men and travel ladies. If you want to travel or travel in other cities, you can find someone to accompany you before departure, and increase your personal pleasure when traveling.

Private photos You can use the system tool to blur the image or add some masks and sensors to protect your identity. If you meet someone you like, you can give them the key and let them access your clear photos. You can also send key requests to others.

Priority person This feature allows your profile to be displayed at the top of the search page, and you will receive more attention. Of course, this feature requires payment, and it costs $ 29.7 per month.

To sum up

Ashley Madison is a very simple dating site, if you are completely a novice, you can master it quickly. Created an environment that broadly accepted people exploring other options. It has always provided space for those who want to add fun to their marital life. We think AshleyMadison is an adult dating site and a safe choice. If you are one of those people we are talking about, and you are looking for a secret relationship, Ashley Madison may be the right platform for you.